I am an Art Therapist that helps children learn in visual format.  I joined the Mastermind Think Tank to make a difference and to work 1-on-1 with parents and schools to help improve education and learning in schools and at home.  This service is unique because it offers a way to offer global resources direct to schools, teachers and parents online with virtual training, coaching and an individual approach to empower and support clients, personally, one at a time.
— Aurelie Beer. Art Therapist, Peru.
The training from the Master Course, The Best Way to Teach Dyslexic Minds, made an immediate difference on my teaching skills.  It was filled with information and valuable interviews from top tier resources, that made me a better teacher.  I began to understand the students who had Dyslexia, and once I implemented the strategies into my classroom, the environment immediately improved, the students became engaged and we had immediate impact on performance for many kids.
— High School Teacher, NJ.
I was really frustrated by not knowing how to reach these students.  The Master Course, The Best Ways to Teach Dyslexic Minds gave me immediate skills and empowerment of understanding - the simulations showed me the root of the frustrations and anxiety these students suffer.  This Course  taught me to be a better teacher by showing me how students with Dyslexia ADHD, Executive functioning and Dysgraphia learn and teaching me ways to do my job more effectively.
— Teacher, Boston, MA.
Dear Dawn, Thank you so much for all your help with The Department of Education. Without your guidance I would have never gotten my 11 year old son the support he truly needs in school. Your knowledge and experience was so instrumental in guiding me through this very difficult process .  Getting my child support in school is so important and you really helped me get what my son needed.   Thank you again. Kindly,
— Liz- Parent,  Manhattan, NY
Dawn, thank you so much for your assistance in helping guide me in developing a great IEP for my son Louis. The meeting was a 100% success. Without your help, there were things I didn’t even know to ask for. I am so excited that Louis is all set for his 3rd grade school year with everything in place for him to soar!!
What’s funny is that you reached out to me, a total stranger, on a support group forum for parents of kids with dyslexia (On Facebook). I posted a question hoping to get some advice from other parents about a specific IEP question. I am so grateful that you reached out to me, without any expectation in return. You did it because you knew that I needed your expertise. A greater power sent you to me, of that I am certain. Advocating for a learning challenged child is a tricky thing. You really do need guidance to do it effectively. I am so glad our paths crossed. And I thank you for the generosity of your time, knowledge and compassion.
— Parent, Freehold, NJ.
The Master Course, The Best Ways to Teach Dyslexic Minds, was a powerful tool for my staff and teachers. I recommend this training to every teacher, every guidance counselor and every child study team.  The money back guarantee is a strong message that this program is effective.  The personal approach, the resource referrals to a global think tank that could offer us workshops and follow-up, and the action plan that was created specific to our school was effective in 60 days.  This program helped us fill the void where we needed and supported our strengths that we used to build a foundation of a top-notch program for language learning differences,  that we are proud of.
— Superintendent of High School, North Carolina