Dawn Baeszler. Founder of The Magnificent Minds. 

Dawn Baeszler. Founder of The Magnificent Minds. 

Dawn Baeszler

Founder. Resource Specialist.  Consultant. Coach. Trainer. Author. Advocate.

Mission: To Empower Dyslexic Minds.


The Society of Magnificent Minds, a recognized source of gathering and referring parents to  information that will lead to the success and advancement of Language Learning Differences.  She has spent over ten years involved in gathering resources, immersion, research and the linking of Professionals to Parentsforgingpathways to navigate Dyslexia, ADHD, Aspergers, Dysgraphia, Auditory Processing, Executive Functioning.


My Story. 

"My journey began 10 years ago. Two children with Dyslexia, Auditory Processing and Executive functioning diagnosis left me overwhelmed for years, time spent making a lot mistakes, wasting crucial time, wasting thousands of dollars, years of sifting through mountains of information, trying to find answers and years researching and collecting top tier resources. Those resources became my children's lifeline. 

I learned a lot of strategies and information that became vital to my children's success. I began to get a lot of people calling me for help. I began to train educators because my children went to private schools that remediate with proven methods. I coached parents to become empowered.    I listened and heard hundred's of stories so similar, parents who were desperate, parents overwhelmed by the unknown, the decisions, IEP's, scared to go to school meetings, not knowing who to trust, no access to special expensive private schools, confused about the process, and scared to make a mistake. These parents who were loosing their children to public education, needed guidance, navigation, resources. 

You have five crucial years to help children close the gap when they are falling behind. Those years cannot be spent being lost. That's why I decided to take action.."


What I've done

10 Years of Dedicated Research. Resource Immersion.

  • Parent, two children with Language Learning Differences.
  • Education, Law and Society
  • Network Specialist
  • Resource Specialist
  • Educator, Speaker
  • Advocate
  • Consultant


Profesional bio. 

Dawn Baeszler is the parent of two children who have language learning differences. 

Dawn Baeszler is the Parent of two children who have language learning differences.

Her education is law, however, through her years of experience, she has gleaned a specific perception toward finding strategies and continuing to search for pathways leading parents and schools to the right resources, professionals, and institutions to find effective strategies specific to each individual child's needs.

The consultation and coaching is effective.  The testimonials and success stories on both the school and parent side, provides insight into how the individualized plan of action gets the job done.  The plan and coaching empowers parents by giving them direction, navigation and knowledge.  The plan teaches parents necessary skills on how to get control over accommodations and IEP’s.   

On the school side, the comprehensive 6 unit Mastermind Course: The Best Ways to Educate the Dyslexic Mind, is one of the best professional development and training programs available.  The virtual convenience and affordability and the money back guarantee is without doubt, the best option for schools to provide affordable, effective training, along with a plan to improve curriculum and accommodations for students with Dyslexia, ADHD, Executive Functioning weakness, Dysgraphia, and other language learning differences.  

The Society Of Magnificent Minds was founded by Dawn Baeszler, to begin a community and mission to link vital resources, gather Professionals, and connect them to navigate parents and schools to a gold standard of education for Dyslexic Minds.    

Her out of the box thinking, resourceful methods, one on one consulting, coaching, Mastermind Course: The Best Ways to Educate the Dyslexic Mind and sought after Professional Blackbook of the finest minds in the assessment, remediation, and strategies for Language Learning Differences, is a global force in improving educational environments for Dyslexic Minds.


Our Resources:

Master Mind Global Think Tank

The Mastermind Think Tank is an elite list of global top tier resources that have been selected.  It is a prestigious global gathering of great minds, privately invited into our Think Tank and is a vital link to your student’s educational success.  

My job as a Resource Specialist, is to search and seek, and introduce and curate top-tier resources, the best resources, specific to your school and child’s needs.  My training, coaching  and virtual classes include disclosed knowledge, private interviews, tips and strategies, and valued research from our selected Mastermind Think Tank. We research and include their knowledge from websites or private conducted interviews, including the most advanced individuals and information dedicated to empower education for Dyslexic Minds.

 My service commitment to you is to seek and search out visionaries in the field who are impacting Dyslexia and link their knowledge to you.



Each member of our Mastermind is invited to share their profession , knowledge via the website and interviews which is the extent of the collaboration.  We simply refer their services and knowledge by linking parents and schools to their services.  *We are not responsible for workshops, or any other service that is employed through this referral. We do not share in a referral fee.  All members of our Mastermind Think Tank are selected, invited and agree to exchange contact and published information or private interviews and do no not endorse our site in any way."