Dedicated to online parent and teacher training,

coaching and resource referrals offering a gold standard education for students with Dyslexic Minds.

Our Personalized approach.

We firmly believe that dyslexia is not a learning disorder.

Dyslexia is a learning difference. 

The Society Of Magnificent Minds was founded on the principles that every student with Dyslexia, ADHD, Executive Functioning and Dysgraphia needs a personalized approach to their education.  

Our Coaching Program is one on one.  We offer an Action Plan of Success that guarantees skills, resources and knowledge that will improve grades and motivation for Dyslexic Minds. The average parent coaching purchase is 5  one hour sessions from start to finish.  

Through our 5 Stages of Educational Success System for Parents, our online course, The Best Ways To Teach Dyslexic Minds for teachers and our Mastermind Global Think Tank and One on One Coaching Services, we empower parents and schools to understand how to educate learning differences.

Our Mission.

Dyslexia is a learning difference, not a disorder.

It is our pledge to educate, train and offer comprehensive virtual courses, skill sets, personalized plans, and valuable resources to empower Parents and Schools with an Action Plan of Success and a Gold Standard Education for Dyslexic Minds.   

How we help. 

We offer services that are guaranteed to improve performance, or your money back.

Our 5 Stages of Educational Success System is a Proven Program.

Our One on One Consulting for Parents is a personalized coaching program.  Phone or Skype Question and Answer Sessions.

Our Online Course for Schools and Teachers.

  • 5 Stages of Educational Success Program and One on One Consulting for Parents offers 2 ways for parents to become empowered.
  • Virtual Mastermind Course For Schools and Teachers: The Best Ways to Teach the Dyslexic Mind  guarantees teachers a comprehensive online  training program that guarantees student improvement.