Schools & Teachers, Online Training Course:

60 Day Action Plan of Success Empowering Teachers and Schools how to Develop a Gold Standard Education for Dyslexic Minds.

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Our Online Training Course

 The Best Ways To Teach the Dyslexic Mind: Master Course Online Training for Educating Dyslexic Minds.

is the most effective solution for teachers, schools and staff to achieve a gold standard of education for Dyslexic Minds.  

We guarantee an educational plan of success for:

Schools, teachers and educators will learn skills and understanding that will improve kindergarten to college education for 1 out of 6 students or your money back.


Included in this course:




3, 1 hour private coaching sessions

(fulfills the mandatory hours of training)

  • Action Plan Of Success.
  • Pinpoint your school’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Improve IEP Performance
  • Curriculum Improvement
  • Learn What Works and What Doesn’t


Referrals and top-tier resources

  • Who's Who Mastermind Think Tank
  • Interviews Of Knowledge from Global Leaders
  • Guest Speakers
  • Strategies guaranteed to offer immediate performance improvement and impact a gold standard of education for Dyslexic Minds.


Six Session Master Mind Course:

The Best Ways To Teach the Dyslexic Mind: A Comprehensive Master Training Course.

Our Course delivers results.  In 60 days your school, your teachers and staff, will have the most comprehensive overview of the Dyslexic mindset, including ADHD, Executive Functioning, Aspergers and Auditory Processing.   

When you complete The Best Ways To Teach Dyslexic Minds Master Training Course, you will gain: a full overview of the Dyslexic Mindset, referrals and resources to the right programs that help you teach proven strategies, worksheets, pdf's from top-tier professionals, resources and access to knowledge from interviews taken from our global Think Tank of Masterminds including: MD’s, Neurologists, speech and language experts, art therapists, knowledge from Universities, models of special educational schools.

Global leaders who attack real issues and real frustrations reported from over 200 schools, teachers and students in public and private high schools. 

  •  Reading
  •  Writing
  • Study skills
  • Social skills
  • Comprehension
  • Test taking anxiety
  • Homework
  • Guidance Counselor Training: Specific Transition Strategies, College Placements
  • Technology
  • IEP, Curriculum and Accommodations
  • Identification of Dyslexia, IEP and accommodations that work, curriculum alternatives, technology, anxiety, strategies and proven skill sets for staff, understanding the dyslexic mind and top tier resources, interviews, PDF’s and worksheets.

Become one of many who have already pledged to make a difference and begin to train with elite resources and world-wide leaders.