Parents Can Beat the Odds with Our 5 Stages of Success System guaranteed to improve your child's educational success. 

Did you know that the average parent with a Dyslexic child spends over $20,000 for tutors and ineffective programs that offer no positive educational improvement.

Learn what works. Go from unprepared to empowered parent to successfully manage your child's educational success. 5 stage step by step system designed to assess and blueprint a personal plan for Dyslexic Children. From Kindergarten to College.

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Our 1 to 1 Parent Coaching delivers guaranteed results. 

A decade of knowledge and a Global Mastermind Think Tank  

guarantees you a personalized action plan of success navigating Dyslexia, ADHD, Executive Functioning, Auditory Processing, Dysgraphia and other language learning differences.

*We know what works.  We know Parents are overwhelmed with too much information and have no idea of what direction to take.  We organize a personalized action plan of success.  We provide an Assessment packet and a binder format and blueprint.  When parents  learn our 5 Stages of Educational System,  you become empowered to manage your child's educational success.  

*We give parents the foundations without the confusion by offering 5 simple steps from start to finish and create the Master plan .

*We give parents immediate results with a Money Back Guarantee.


Our 5 stages of educational success system is proven successful:


Personalized Action Plan of Success For Your Child



Beat the odds 5 stages of success system. 

Assessment package that begins the process from your child's specific backround.

Specific IEP and Accommodations that work.

  • Top-Tier Referrals
  • Coaching to gain power and advocacy skills
  • Technology
  • Curriculum
  • Skype Support for IEP Meetings
  • IEP Coaching
  • Transitions from High School To College


Resource Referral To Our Global Think Tank

We refer only top-tier knowledge from Our Mastermind Think Tank. The Who's Who's of Dyslexic Minds.

We have spent 10 Years gathering the finest minds in the world. We know what works and who makes the most impact for your child.  We bring the best resources to you.

  • Avoid the pitfall of failed programs
  • Save Years of Time
  • Save Thousands of Dollars
  • Mastermind Think Tank Global Knowledge
  • Blackbook of Resources