Did you know that 72% of students in remedial classes will drop out of school?

Is your child smart but struggling in school? 

Difficulty Reading? 

Difficulty Writing?

Socially Disconnected? 

Fearful to go to school? 

Do you need a plan to improve your child's educational performance?

Go from unprepared to empowered parent with our 5 stages of success system. 

Register now and receive a free personalized assessment to begin your first success step and 1 hour free coaching to begin your personalized plan of action.

Parents can beat the odds with our 5 stages of success system guaranteed.  5 sessions of coaching gives parents an individual master blueprint, personal assessment and 5 sessions of coaching, one on one question and answer sessions, filtering all of overwhelming information into 5 stages of success.  

One system, one easy plan. Guaranteed results. 


The Society of Magnificent Minds: 

Parents and Schools:  Gain an Action Plan for educational success in 60 Days. Guaranteed to improve student performance and motivation.  Teachers gain comprehensive training, understanding and skill sets to teach learning different students.

Our mission is to offer the most comprehensive virtual coaching and professional training and resource referrals for parents, teachers and school staff so that every student can receive a gold standard education and have a positive personal journey.  Our training is developed for Dyslexia, ADHD, Auditory Processing, Executive Functioning, Aspergers, Autism Spectrum and other language learning differences.

For parents:  Beat the odds system. 5 stages of success. Guaranteed results. 

  1. Register your email to get a free assessment packet and schedule one hour free consultation. No commitment. 
  2. Receive a custom blueprint for your child's specific educational needs. 
  3. Gain an Action Plan of Success For Your Child. Our 5 stages of success system gets results guaranteed. 
  4. We filter through all the overwhelming information, simplify the process, create, organize and guide you step by step to a completed master plan from kindergarten to college. 

Here is what we offer:

  • A clear start with an  assessment that defines and blueprints your child's educational issues into an easy five-step process and plan. 
  • IEP and child study team navigation, support and review. 
  • Curriculum adjustments and accommodations that are guaranteed effective
  • Technology Plan
  • Parent skills to teach advocacy and educational management 
  • Transitional strategies proven to increase the odds of educational success and college preparation.  Learn effective skillsets that start in elementary stage and transfers to high school and completes college. 

For Educators:

Virtual Mastermind Course:  The Best Ways to Teach Dyslexic Minds

  1. Consultation.
  2. Referrals and top-tier resources from our Mastermind Global Think Tank.
  3. Mastermind Training Course: The Best Ways To Teach The Dyslexic Mind.
  4. Identification of Dyslexia
  5. IEP and accommodations that work
  6. Curriculum alternatives
  7. Technology Plan
  8. Manage student anxiety
  9. The most advanced strategies and proven skill sets for staff.  We help teachers and staff learn how to educate the Dyslexic mind.
  10. Referrals to top tier resources, interviews, simulations, access a mastermind global think tank -knowledge and interviews,  PDF’s and valuable worksheets.

The Society of Magnificent Minds

Dedicated to online educational training, resource referrals and one on one coaching to develop a gold standard education for students with Dyslexic Minds.


Our People: 

Our Team Of Resources and Mastermind Global Think Tank


Our elite list of global top tier resources that have gathered into our Think Tank is a vital link to your student’s educational success. 

Our job as Resource Specialists, is to search and seek, and refer the right resources that are specific to your school and child’s needs.  Our training and virtual classes include knowledge from the most advanced individuals dedicated to empower education for Dyslexic Minds.  This is part of our service to you.

A little about ourselves